August Newsletter


Greetings I’m Jorden Leonard, Executive Director of the Portland Green Party.

This last 27th we had our July member’s meeting and open meet and greet.  See minutes here. One new face was Jeff Catlin who is the Director of Education Services for Energy Conservation Training Company.  He is interested in getting to know us a bit and then offer himself as a candidate at the next election for our board, which may happen as soon as our September meeting.  Any other interested candidates should contact me so I can give them time on the proposed agenda for this month.  Longer term we are looking for a few potentials for the Pacific Green Party’s State Corridnating Commitee that live in the Portland area.

The fight is on with the Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) campaign.  We attended the August 17th meeting of the Portland City Charter Review Commission and gave testimony in favor of putting IRV on the ballot as a charter change.  We discovered that the commission is struggling to be functional.  We need to call on everyone to overwhelm the public forum they have set up next Monday the 29th.  RSVP on Facebook or just email me if will attend.  We need numbers.  It will come down to how many testimonies are made.  Then in a month we meet with city councilwoman Amanda Fritz to get the low down and figure out our next step.

We need a liaison that can make the beyond coal monthly meetings at the Sierra Club (6:30-8pm 1821 SE Ankeny St).  There is a meeting there tonight (Tues the 23rd).  This is to fight the massive exporting of coal through Portland to Asia on our train tracks.

We are helping our partner Oregonians for Renewable Energy Policy (OREP) with volunteers that will generate the materials we need for campaigning.  The OREP project has gotten new life in no small part because of our attentions.  And they have and will continue to educate us on the effort to have Oregon follow Germany with feed in tariffs that enable localized alternative energy sources to be affordable.

We meet the last Wednesday of every month at People’s Coop, enjoy the farmer’s market then come upstairs to the community room for our members meeting and meet and greet.  3029 SE 21st Avenue, 7-8 members meeting/8-9 work meeting.  Anyone who is a member of the Coop and is thinking they can make it please let me know.

Thank you for your time and I hope to see you all on the 29th at the public forum for IRV.


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