December Newsletter


Politics is a process by which groups of people make collective decisions.  I challenge the negative associations with the word.  I’m proud to promote and be a part of politics because I know that for a democracy to be successful we must have good conversations.

We are partisan.  We are a political party, but we are not slaves to “partisan politics”.  I am loyal to the Green Party only so long as it is the party with the people and supporting the issues that I identify with.  We are willing to work with other parties.  And though we may be fervent about our candidates and issues, we remain a party that engages in politics with reason and respect.

Be welcome.

Greetings I’m Jorden Leonard, Executive Director of the Portland Green Party.

This last 30th we had our November member’s meeting and open meet and greet.  See minutes here.

We meet the last Wednesday of every month at People’s Coop, enjoy the farmer’s market then come upstairs to the community room for our members meeting and meet and greet.  3029 SE 21st Avenue, 7-8 members meeting/8-9 work meeting.  Proposed agenda is here.  Anyone who is a member of the Coop and is thinking they can make it please let me know so we can get a discount.

We will host a local area candidate forum January 27th at 6 pm at People’s Coop, tentatively cohosting with the Oregon Progressive Party and Occupy Portland.  There is limited seating so email me if you’d like to attend and/or email me a question you’d liked asked.  We may also join the Working Families Party and Occupy Portland at a possible townhall style Portland candidate forum on the 28th, but the details of that is still being worked out.  The Portland Greens will use the forum on the 27th to help us decided who we will endorse for mayor, city council, and county commissioner.  Our forum is intended to be more of an informal interview with the candidates, following the values of participation, accountability, and cooperation.

Oregon City lost to big money.  Local Green Jim Nicita lost to a recall effort.  This is a call to arms and a clear warning that without structure, organization, and support we will loose what ground we gain not just as Greens but as a movement against money in politics.

The Triple Bottom line. We have a proposal for Occupy.  Check it out.  Let us know what you think, and if you’d like to help get it passed and/or be a part of a workgroup that tackles this.

Portland Greens Board candidates. Three Portland Greens have accepted nominations to join our board.  They are Alex Pio, Devon Pack, and Imre Ilyes.  All three have also been active with Occupy Portland as organizers and I hope their expertise will strengthen our chapter.  We will have a board election at our January meeting.

Bill Bold has agreed to be our liaison with the Oregon Progressive Party.  Thank you Bill for stepping up.

A long time Green and donor has offered to pay for an ad in the Portland Alliance, a quarter page, that shows the Greens support for Occupy and/or ending corporate personhood.  Anyone willing to help with ad please contact me.

January will be a very exciting month for the Portland Greens.  Please come to our monthly meeting the last Wednesday and our candidate forum the Friday after.  January is the month our chapter steps up and begins the new year with a seat at the table of power, locally at least.

The Portland Green Party is established to work for sustainability and conservation, peace, social justice, and grassroots democracy through the electoral system.

You can donate here and use your fully refundable political tax credit (up to $50 or $100 for a couple).

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