Portland Greens Triple Bottom Line Proposal For Occupy Portland

We, Occupy Portland, support the creation of an efficient and sustainable market economy. Our position is predicated on the following:
  • Economies are dependent upon healthy ecosystems.
  • Markets are a human creation and should exist to serve human interests.
  • Markets are inefficient when prices do not reflect the true costs of production.

Currently, much of our market system does not adequately meet these environmental, social, or economic conditions. Too often goods appear cheap in the marketplace because their true costs are externalized. The market price is subsidized and with the costs borne by the environment, employees, and tax-paying citizens.

We, Occupy Portland, call for accounting and reward systems that rationalize markets, ensuring that they function efficiently and sustainably.  Such a system would account for the triple bottom line — that is, the environmental, economic, and social costs of goods and services.

To support this transition and the long term viability of society, we believe it is incumbent upon individuals and institutions to ensure that their purchases and investments create a positive impact not only on the short term financial bottom line, but on the long term well-being of the economy, the environment, and society.


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