February Newsletter


Primary elections are in the air.  Follow our IRV style endorsements as a candidate voter’s guide for local elections.  Tomorrow is a day of unity.  Defining ourselves as people, and defining corporations as not. 

Greetings I’m Jorden Leonard, Executive Director of the Portland Green Party.

We have Portland Green Party endorsements (<–check out this link for details). For US Congress we are endorsing Woody Broadnax for the 3rd District over Earl Blumenauer, and Steve Reynolds for the 1st District.  For Multnomah county Patricia Burkett for the 3rd Seat.  For Mayor, first choice Cameron Whitten, 2nd choice Eileen Brady, 3rd choice Jefferson Smith.  For City Council 1st Seat, first choice Teressa Raiford, second choice Amanda Fritz.  For City Council 4th Seat, first choice Mark White, second choice Jeri Williams.

We will be meeting with all the above candidates/campaign to see how we can help.  Please feel free to help them directly through donations/volunteerism.  All have our approval and full support.  In honor of IRV for those races with multiple endorsements we have simply ranked them in order of preference.  Question, investigate and hold us accountable for our votes.  Participate and then cooperate within our process.

Tomorrow is F29–the international day of action against ALEC (“a politically conservative nonprofit policy organization, consisting of both state legislators and members of the private sector, mostly representing corporations“).  Find out what is going on.  Portland is leading the nation in this protest and we the Greens are a part of the 99% Movement rebelling.

We had our members endorsement meeting for local races this last Tuesday the 21st (minutes).  This was a culmination of our interviews of candidates via phone, email, forums, and in person interviews, as well as in depth research.  It was fun, and in the end the members present decided who we will support for this year’s election.

At People’s Coop’s we are now regularly meeting every 4th Weds instead of every last Weds.  See the proposed agenda.

The Portland Green Party is established to work for sustainability and conservation, peace, social justice, and grassroots democracy through the electoral system.

You can donate here and use your fully refundable political tax credit (up to $50 or $100 for a couple).

follow us on twitter, join our group and like our page


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