March Newsletter


It’s a Green Spring.  Let’s plant some seeds and grow some food.  Let’s notice the trash on our sidewalks, pick it up, and think about how we can use less, waste less.  Earth Day is coming.  We Occupy the Earth.  Let’s clean up our mess.

Greetings I’m Jorden Leonard, volunteer Executive Director of the Portland Green Party.

Vital–Greens On Ballot Threatened!!!

Before the end of July we need 1,380 more Oregonians registered with the Pacific Green Party or because of Kate Brown’s ruling we will no longer be on the ballot. Register Online, no need to waste paper.

We are a grassroots party.  You can still be independent and be a Green.

The Democratic and Republican Parties are corporate pets.  Leaving them and registering Green challenges the establishment that is failing us.

We are running out of time.  Without your help now, this fall Green will be gone.

Ralph Nader is coming to town.  We are tentatively hosting a meeting between him and our endorsed candidates on April 9th.

Earth Day is approaching.  This year we will be again have a booth at City Repair’s event. It has moved to PCC Cascade Campus, 705 N. Killingsworth ST. Sunday, April 22nd 11 AM – 6 PM.  We will be doing a seed exchange so please bring your seeds.  We are inviting our candidates to be present and have suggested that they make themselves available to be assigned to work in your gardens from then through the May and November elections.  You get free labor, they get a photo opportunity and a chance to get their hands dirty.

Last meeting we mostly talked about the need to get more registered voters to maintain ballot access (minutes).

At People’s Coop’s we are now regularly meeting every 4th Weds instead of every last Weds.  See the proposed agenda.

The Portland Green Party is established to work for sustainability and conservation, peace, social justice, and grassroots democracy through the electoral system.

You can donate here and use your fully refundable political tax credit (up to $50 or $100 for a couple). Or get something on our wishlist.

follow us on twitter, join our group and like our page


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