The fluoride issue is an opportunity to be an effective group and catalyst for Portland Greens


The Green Party is a shell. A hollow brand. It has value at times as a stamp of approval for establishment types and at other times as an outlet for activist types. It does not in the US in Oregon in Portland have critical mass. Nor is it ever likely to. However I am hopeful that the unlikely will occur. So I continue.

With a punch signatures were gathered and fluoride is on the ballot to be voted on directly by the people rather then decided by our city council. It is wonderful to see the push back against the establishment peer pressure. This public energy is being supported and examined by Greens, but not in a well organized manner.

Without me volunteering my time we haven’t been having meetings, regular or otherwise. Moving forward I see value in the Portland Green Party if we can get a small group of volunteers to share the burden of organizing meetings. And we must recognize what the word “meeting” has come to mean to people. A boring waste of time at work and even more so with infight-ridden progressive groups like the Greens.

Short productive meetings with elements of fun and a sense of community is the only thing that makes sense to me. I hope that fluoride is an issue we can find each other with, and that within this sense of productivity, of solidarity and achievement we can breath some fresh air into the Green shell.



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