While there is a national and Oregon state Green Party, the campaign to bring ranked choice instant runoff voting to Oregon is being spearheaded by the Portland Green Party. We call ourselves the Portland Greens for short. Your local Green Party is independent of the national and state organization, although we all cooperate recognize each other. The Greens are different from other parties in that we are not a giant hierarchy whose ultimate decision makers are in Washington DC. Our grassroots approach is open and transparent. We hold regular monthly meetings at the meeting room of People’s Food Co-op at 3029 SE 21st Ave., Portland, Oregon on the last Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m. We welcome your participation and volunteerism.

We are organized as a local political party political action committee with the State of Oregon and comply with Federal Section 527 requirements for a local political party political action committee. All of our contributions and expenditures are filed with the Secretary of State of Oregon Elections Division as per state law, the most stringent in the country.


As a grassroots organization, the Portland Greens have professional Outreach Representatives who educate and recruit new members and volunteers every weekday.

  • Kyle Purdy

Board Members

  • Imre Ilyes (2012)
  • Gina Ronning (2012)
  • Devon Pack (2012)
  • Alex Pio (2012)
  • Chris Extine (2010)
  • Rickie Woolley (2010)
  • Seth Woolley (Treasurer)

To contact the board send an email to Send an email to to be added to the board email list.


The officers are:

  • Treasurer and Board Member, Seth Woolley (Cell: 503-953-3943)
  • Executive Director, Jorden Leonard (Cell: 503-839-0632)


To maintain our low overhead, most of our campaign, leadership, and management positions are unpaid.

Please contact Seth or Jorden with feedback about our representatives. Unlike most nationally-based, public funded organizations, we have an outreach model that requires that our representatives not just work from scripts, but understand in depth the issues we work on.  Most of them have a history of volunteer or paid work in non-profit and environmental advocacy and can often speak from personal experience. Most of them are college-educated.

The Portland Greens pay living wages, offer healthcare and maintain high standards. We’re always on the lookout for smart, energetic outreach representatives. A Bachelor’s degree and/ or two years experience working for social justice or conservation preferred. Contact Jorden Leonard our Executive Director for more information or to apply.


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